What to do in times of crisis

What To Do In Times of Crisis (World Mayhem + Our Response)

What To Do In Times of Crisis (World Mayhem + Our Response)

Do you know what to do in times of crisis? I knew I’d regret being silent during this time. For years, I had much to say about a lot of things… parenting, health & fitness, autism, community, bible studies, etc.

Then like a light switch, I lost my voice.

What to do in times of crisis

Still to this day, I am not sure whether it was me who buried it or the enemy who stole it. I used to wake up each day, dive into my bible study and eagerly share what I learned.

Many of you would reciprocate the positive encouragement and I looked forward to that interaction daily.

Why am I breaking my silence in times of crisis?

Because the world is noisier than ever. And a lot of us are scared. And the steadfast anchor stabilizing me from every updated news report is our love fast and live slow reminder.

 Obviously, you know this has been our family’s mantra for a long time.

  • In times of financial stress
  • In times of medical emergency
  • In times of parenting failures
  • In times of job losses
  • In times of community conflict
  • In times of exhaustion
  • In times of the unknown

In all these times, the backbone to our survival and decisions during tough seasons has remained the same: In good times and bad, you love fast and live slow.

 The simplicity of this phrase is that it’s universal.

what to do in times of crisis

Love Fast and Live Slow In Times of Crisis

You can take it and make it your own. You apply it to your current situation and let the nonsense around you fade. Nothing else matters. In the stir and frantic mania of our country right now… control what you can control.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Love and help people (even from a 6 foot radius… Think outside the box)
  2. Lay down your life for others… ask people what they need
  3. Mail your grandparents a card
  4. Ship your kid’s teacher a thank you gift for all they’ve done (because it’s never been so clear than now)
  5. Get creative with your kids. Let them skip school work, stay up late, play in the dirt. Let’s bring their childhoods back and enjoy backyard shenanigans
  6. Tell your spouse you love them. Show your spouse that you love them.

What to do in times of crisis? Cultivate the most important parts of your life.

Our country’s dire need to demonstrate love for one another and slow the heck down has never been more prominent. Not in my lifetime, anyway.

I’ve always loved slow living. Actually, that is a lie. Please lightning, do not strike me. I’m a recovering workaholic. I’ve painfully crawled through a self-created AAA course (Achievement Addict Anonymous).

My entire childhood (0-32 years young), I’ve been applauded for my ability to juggle multiple activities. I loved the nods of approval and feelings of success.

what to do in times of crisis

It wasn’t until God put a parking boot on me in 2018 that I was forced to slow down. “Slow down” is generous. More like stop in my tracks.

I had to reconsider all my career ambitions. I had to rethink all my future expectations. I looked at the world differently. It’s taken me YEARS to adjust the hardwiring in my mind. And since we are being honest here, I still have a long way to go.

In today’s crisis, this is a parking boot. 

  • We are being asked to homeschool.
  • We are being asked to work from home.
  • We are being asked to stay inside our houses.
  • We are being asked to cancel vacations.
  • We are being asked to limit social interaction.
  • We are seeing bars, restaurants, sports, libraries, parks close.

The things we’ve grasped for entertainment and validation are being pulled from under our feet.

Now what?

 I challenge you to allow your old self to melt away and rewire your mind to love fast and live slow. Release all the hustle and go-go-go mentality.

Stretch out your mornings. Sip that coffee slowly. Turn to your family and have real conversations.

I think about you often. I have been pained by guilt and fear to open my laptop again. But no more. We need each other. The enemy cannot win. He will not win. We already know God is the winning team.

Let’s get through this together.

50 Ways to Love Fast and Live Slow

Want to slow down and do what matters? Us too! That’s why we’ve created this list to help you get started right away.

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    1. Thanks for these words. We need more of this light. I trust God knows the real reason behind this. I also feel is a huge challenge to stop, as you mentioned, slow down and rethink of the real value of our days, of our community… Its the time to learn and act in any way so we will be proud of answering that question in a couple of years from now.

    2. You have such a gift with putting things in perspective and offering encouragement. Thank you.

    3. So eloquent as usual, cousin. Keep spreading the love. We are still trying to adjust. I should be able to work from home soon until this is over. My kids are actually getting along now with no one else to play with, which is awesome. Hugs from afar!

    4. Love you and have missed your presence, BUT I get it! My world was rocked in 2014 with my son’s diagnosis, and it took me TWO years to come out of all of that. Glad you are "back."

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