3 Vital Things You Should Do When Waiting On God

3 Vital Things You Should Do When Waiting On God

Ever had one of those moments, right at the crack of dawn, where you’re lying there thinking, “What’s the hold-up, God?” Waiting on God can feel exhausting.

I’ve been there, tossing and turning, wondering why things aren’t moving faster. It’s a chat I’ve had more than once, not just with myself but with friends feeling stuck, waiting on something more, something bigger.

Rewind to about nine months ago, I put out a blog post, “It’s Okay To Slow Down.” Little did I know, I was about to live that lesson big time.

Life, and my blogging, took a nosedive into the slow lane. God seemed to be pumping the brakes, asking me to match His pace, not sprint ahead.

Choosing to sit it out with God, especially when you’re wired to run, was a game-changer for me. But here’s a twist: it’s not about waiting ON God as if He’s running late.

Nope, it’s about hanging tight with Him, knowing He’s got this, His timing is spot on, and He’s working out something good. So, in this blog, we’re going deep into the “waiting room” vibes but with a twist.

It’s not a passive wait; it’s an active engagement. We’ll explore what it means when your soul waits, how to see the goodness of the Lord in the waiting seasons, and how to lean into God’s word and promises.

Stick around, because this isn’t just another blog post. It’s a journey through the seasons with God, learning to wait not just on Him but with Him, because, trust me, He’s always right on time.

3 Vital Things To Do When Waiting On God

3 Things To Do When Waiting On God

Let’s break down the actions to take while we’re all in this divine waiting room, making sure we’re not just sitting around twiddling our thumbs but actually getting ourselves all prepped and primed for whatever’s about to hit us.

So, while we’re chilling in this waiting room, let’s not forget that it’s also a testing ground for our faith, a place where we’re putting our trust in the Word of God to guide us through.

And, of course, we’ll sprinkle in some of those powerful words and concepts that resonate with the soul’s journey through the waiting game, including the testing of your faith and the comforting truths found in the Word of God.

1. Praise and Worship

The first thing on our spiritual to-do list when waiting on God should always be praise and worship.

It’s a powerful way to acknowledge the enduring goodness of the Lord, a practice that’s been a cornerstone of faith for a long time. Immersing ourselves in God’s word and celebrating His steadfast love lets us experience the best thing: feeling our whole being aligned with His divine presence and promises.

This form of worship isn’t just about singing songs; it’s an act of aligning our hearts with God’s, setting a solid foundation for whatever comes next in our spiritual journey.

2. Prayer and Community

Moving on to the vital role of prayer and community, highlighted in Acts 1:14, this aspect underscores the immense strength and support we derive from being part of a faith-driven collective.

It’s about coming together with fellow believers—young men and women alike—to seek solace in Jesus’ name, share life’s challenges, and celebrate the Holy Spirit’s presence among us.

This shared prayer experience is a profound demonstration of our collective hope and faith in the promises of God, as we eagerly await the unfolding of His divine plans through Jesus Christ.

It’s a reminder that, in unity, we find a deeper understanding and anticipation of God’s perfect timing.

3. Personal Growth and Restoration

Reflecting on Acts 1:21-26, we uncover a profound invitation not only to fill a void but also to embark on a journey of personal growth and restoration.

It’s during difficult times that we’re called to introspection, seeking renewal and transformation in the presence of God. Whether it’s grappling with unanswered prayers, navigating challenges as God’s children, or confronting habits that hinder spiritual progress, this period offers abundant opportunities for growth.

By embracing this process, we create space for the Holy Spirit to foster inner renewal and prepare us for the next steps on our journey.

Waiting On God

So, let’s lean into this season of refinement, trusting that, through God’s grace, our trials can lead to profound personal restoration and spiritual development, even when it feels like we’re facing setbacks a lot of times.

Incorporating these actions into your waiting season isn’t just about passing time; it’s about engaging deeply with the process God is guiding you through.

It’s understanding that whether it’s a long journey or a season of waiting, each moment is laced with the potential for growth, revelation, and preparation for the great heights God is leading you to.

Understanding His Timing When Waiting On God

Navigating God’s timing is like embarking on a journey through a maze of patience, trust, and active waiting, themes intricately interwoven into the tapestry of scripture.

As we delve into the depths of Luke 24:49 and Acts 1:4, we uncover the essence of waiting on God’s promise—the Holy Spirit. But this waiting isn’t a stagnant pause; it’s a dynamic period of spiritual preparation and alignment with God’s divine schedule.

It’s about discerning His voice amidst the clamor of the world’s different ways and thwarting the enemy’s wicked schemes designed to distract and deter us from God’s timing.

In this season of biblical waiting, we’re called to transform our eagerness into a disciplined practice of faith, where our actions and readiness are synchronized with His will.

It’s about cultivating a heart that eagerly anticipates God’s answer while being attentive to His whispers guiding us toward the next step.

This process enriches our understanding of God’s timing, teaching us the value of obedience and trust in His sovereign plan.

Embracing this period of waiting isn’t just about longing for the next thing; it’s about allowing God to mold us and prepare us for His divine purposes. It’s a time of spiritual growth and refinement, where we learn to lean on His promises and trust in His unfailing love.

As we navigate this journey of waiting, may we find solace in the knowledge that God’s timing is perfect, and His faithfulness endures through every twist and turn along the way.

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Aligning with His Movements While Waiting On God

Alright, so let’s chat about syncing up with God’s groove, kinda like tuning into your favorite playlist. You know, it’s all about getting in rhythm with His divine flow, like when 1 Thessalonians 4:11 talks about living a life of chill vibes and getting stuff done with a purpose.

But this alignment isn’t just about what we do on the outside; it’s about getting our hearts in sync with God’s timing—whether we’re making moves or just chilling.

Think of it like a dance party with God. Sometimes, He’s leading us into seasons of hustle and bustle, where we’re out there making waves for His kingdom.

Other times, He’s calling us to slow down, chillax, and soak up His presence. And our main goal? It’s just staying in step with Him, no matter where He takes us on the dance floor of life.

So, as our soul is all tuned in, listening for the Holy Spirit’s cues, our hearts are ready to roll with whatever God’s got in store for us. We’re talking about embracing His plans with a big ol’ dose of courage and love that never quits.

And you know what’s awesome? Every season—whether we’re waiting it out, grinding away, or just taking it one step at a time—is backed by God’s rock-solid promises and perfect timing. So, let’s keep living our lives in a way that shows off His goodness and brings glory to His name in everything we do.

The Role of Stillness and Patience

Accepting stillness and patience places us in harmony with God’s rhythm, an essential practice for those whose souls yearn for a deeper connection with the Creator. Scripture guides us in this journey:

The Soul Waits

Just as the farmer waits patiently for the land to yield its valuable crop, our souls, too, must learn the art of waiting (James 5:7).

This waiting isn’t passive; it’s a vibrant, hopeful anticipation of God’s promises coming to fruition, a steadfast love that anchors us.

God’s Word and Promises

Delving into God’s word reveals His timing is perfect, a testament to His faithfulness and plans for our lives when we are waiting on God (Jeremiah 29:11).

As we align our desires with His will, we understand that the season of waiting is rich with purpose, cultivating the fruit of the Spirit within us (Galatians 5:22-23).

The Role of the Holy Spirit

In moments of stillness, the Holy Spirit guides us, revealing the path God has laid out.

It’s a time for spiritual development, where we’re reminded of the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living (Psalm 27:13) and the salvation of the Lord, which renews our strength and courage.

Aligning Desires with God’s Will

This alignment is where our longing meets God’s eternal plan, ensuring our steps are ordered by Him.

It’s recognizing that every season, whether of action or waiting, is under the sovereign hand of our Heavenly Father, who works all things for our good and His glory (Romans 8:28).

The Testament of Biblical Figures

From Joseph of Arimathea’s quiet faith to the unwavering hope of those who witnessed God’s miracles, like parting the Red Sea, the Bible is filled with stories of those who waited on God, showcasing His timing and deliverance (Exodus 14:21-22).

In this divine waiting room, our hearts and eyes look to God, seeking His presence and assurance.

It’s a profound reminder that our journey—marked by seasons of waiting—is guided by the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth, who promises eternal life and joy to those who wait on Him (Isaiah 40:28-31).

Final Thoughts: Vital Things To Do When Waiting On God

Diving deeper into the whole “waiting on God” scene, think of it like this: You know when you wake up, and it’s super early? The world’s quiet, and your mind starts racing with all the things you wanna do or think you should be doing.

But sometimes, what if God’s plan, is just saying, “Hey, take a beat. Sit tight with me for a second.”

It feels like an eternity, but leaning into that, trusting the God of my salvation is kind of the secret sauce. It’s about understanding that this waiting isn’t just about sitting around; it’s this rich, valuable time where you’re being prepped for something big, something beyond your wildest dreams.

And through all this, you get closer to God, your faith gets this incredible boost, and you start seeing life from a whole new perspective.

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