Three tips for a peaceful home

Three Tips For a Peaceful Home (Hint: Attitude Adjustment)

Three Tips For a Peaceful Home (Hint: Attitude Adjustment)

What are our tips for a peaceful home, you ask? We narrow in on how we can adjust our attitudes to help create a more peaceful home.

Have you ever heard, “You are the thermostat of your home”?

Nick is thankful that my actual body temperature (he said I am a radiating furnace at night) isn’t how we decide the temperature of our home.

Oddly enough, my body may feels warm but I am always a little chilly. That is why, even in the middle of a Florida summer, you will catch me wearing a hoody in my house.

It’s just cozy and apparently 74-degree air blowing on me feels like I live in Antarctica.

What does temperature have to do with tips for a peaceful home?

We aren’t talking about thermostats in regard to temperature. We are talking about attitude. Our attitudes set our home’s tone, vibe, tension, or calm.

tips for a peaceful home

Sometimes what you see on the surface is shallow. A pleasant family picture you’ve seen may have been result of bribery or threats.

To rally all the troops for one smooth day, it’s easier when everyone has an agreeable happy attitude (which is rare).

Jesus says, “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” John 14:27


tips for a peaceful home

I am an enneagram 9.

I do not follow personality tests often but I took the test. And, boy oh boy, it hit the nail on the head.

All the good and bad things about myself were summarized in a few short paragraphs. For those who don’t know much about enneagrams (join the club), here is a recap of my “type”: The Peacemaker.

I don’t just enjoy peace. I crave peace. Peace makes me breath easy. And conflict makes me cringe (see, I told you there are bad parts).

With that being said, when there is conflict and strong emotions in my home, I tend to feel out of control and have high anxiety.

Another fun fact: I am raising a very, very strong-willed child. One who has been diagnosed with ODD (oppositional defiant disorder) and an unspecific mood disorder. Each and everyday is a roller coaster of big emotions.

Everyone’s Attitude Is Important

Over the years of taking my son to therapy and reading/researching until my eyes crossed, I’ve learned a lot about managing your own emotions and remaining calm, even in a tornado of irrational feelings.

Nick and I have learned the hard way that you cannot discipline every kid the same.

  • To Scottie (our 2 year old), you can use a strong voice and her lip quivers.
  • To Everett (our 5 year old), you can stand up with your hands to hip and he knows you mean business.
  • To Leland (our 7 year old), you can use an air horn + flaming dart + steel rod + massive grounding efforts and he still feels confident enough to present his argumentative case.

There have been many heated battles within the walls of the Mendenhall home.

Yet, I don’t want to lead with yelling, irrational consequences or inconsistent expectations. It’s hard hard hard.

I’ve said on more than one occasion how unrealistic it is to expect me to remain CALM and COLLECTIVE 24/7. I am a human and my big emotions trigger … and I want to lose my mind!

Does anyone out there relate?

But a sure fire way to maintain a peaceful home is to adjust your attitude. You (whoever is reading this) have the responsibility to be a peaceful thermostat to your home.

You have the power to turn up the heat or down the AC. The way you respond can impact everyone around you.

Everything you do or say has a ripple effect. Tough reality, huh?

That is why we’ve compiled a list of verses that can help us keep our attitude at bay. With God’s help and intervention, we can keep a peaceful home.

Three tip for a peaceful home:

Want a peaceful home?

  1. Start with you. Your mindset and attitude.
  2. Meditate on how God can help you generate calm and peace.
  3. Be the thermostat in your home.
Three tips for a peaceful home


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