My mom made it look easy

My Mom Made It Look Easy

My mom made it look easy

A few weeks ago, I had the priveledge of writing for a well-known blog called Her View From Home. If you’d like to read the entire blog, check out the site here.

This is an incredible blog full of resources and relatable truth. Here is an excerpt from the article, My Mom Made It Look Easy

I assumed I’d have turnkey kids. In my mind, I was a turnkey kid. I survived the toddler stage, complied at school, and learned how to earn favor from decision-makers that nodded in approval when I was developing on par. 

From my perspective, parenting didn’t seem tricky. As easy as 1-2-3. 

1. You have the kids.
2. You love the kids.
3. You send the kids to school where they learn life and social skills.

This naivety followed me for an embarrassing number of years. I can do this, I thought. I can have kids, love them well, show them the ways of life, and essentially, teach them how to play the game. 

Then I had kids.

You can imagine where this is going. It’s taken more blood, sweat, and tears than my parents let on. The favor I found was due to their persistent discipline and modeling. The game I thought I was playing was, in actuality, their strategic upper hand to reward hard work and respect. The independence I thought I had acquired on my own was their ploy to create a confident decision-maker. All this time, I thought I was in control. 

– My Mom Made It Look So Easy by Laura Mendenhall

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