my last first kiss

My Last First Kiss

My Last First Kiss

Well, here I am. The anticipated blog. I feel like it’s the start to a wonderful thing. Like my last first kiss.

You know that nervous gut feeling when you are clicking up a roller coaster? That feeling when you are leaning in for that first kiss. Or that feeling when you write your first blog? 

You put yourself out there. You trust the steep fall and seatbelt of a roller coaster will hold you down.

You trust that you don’t look awkward leaning in with smooch lips and stinky breath. You trust that the eyes that fall on your blog will enjoy it and return. 

my last first kiss

The launch of my blog = my last first kiss

My husband and I met at the University of West Georgia in August 2004. He was a good-looking, shaggy-haired, guitar player who loved Jesus.

As a matter of fact, I met a lot of cute boys that year, but none of them played it cool like my Nicholas did.  He had my attention. 

We finally came clean about our crushing while on the phone in February 2005.  I laid on the top bunk in my dorm room with my phone awkwardly placed to my ear so the charger would remain in tact.

Whispering to avoid waking my roommate or dealing with the embarrassment of exchanging sweet nothings on the phone. 

So there it was, it was confirmed. We were smitten. 

Now through a series of months and stories for another day, we had several almost first kisses. Moments that could have been romantic and perfect – but ruined by random interruptions or fear of it being too soon. 

The pressure of my last first kiss is weird.

The pressure to have this last first kiss mirror a movie scene took me captive. The lighting, the words, the mood, the outfit, the smells, the sounds… how could I dare brag to my girlfriends about this magical moment if it was not perfect in every way?

This internal battle created a year and a half of “it’s not quite right” moments. Out of respect for me, Nicholas did in fact wait 17 months before our first kiss. Call me old school. 

The pressure to imitate an Academy Award winning movie was unbearable. Did you know the lights do not fade automatically when lips touch? Or that soft music doesn’t start magically playing when love is sealed with a kiss? Me neither.

All this hype got my dizzy. I finally had the PERFECT plan. I threw out all the rules. Ignored the Disney fairytale movie script I rehearsed in my head.

I decided that enough was enough. Today was the day. Drove to his house, strutted to his room upstairs… and BAM!  I laid one on him. You could not recreate that moment. In that frumpy, stinky morning bedroom of a college boy… we kissed. 

And you know what? It took my breath away. That moment and surprise on his face could have won all the Academy Awards ☺ 

The rest is history.

my last first kiss

Am I starting a blog about making out with my husband? NO! But I do feel that same nervous, anxious feeling about the setting, the mood, the lighting, the words in which to start my blog.

Forever grateful to my patient husband, I am reminded that there is no better time than NOW. So here I am jumping in!

To my last first kiss. To my last first blog entry. Cut the ribbon and let’s go. 

What you can expect: 

  1. Honesty and openness from yours truly 
  2. Fitness program reviews & advice
  3. Nutrition guidance and suggestions 
  4. Why I choose to love fast & live slow
  5. Constant reminder that Jesus is my true source of joy
  6. My journey from the corporate world to stay-at-home mom 

I love sharing my life. Not because it is anything extraordinarily great. But because I truly believe living in community (even if it is virtual community) can bring value to our lives.

Learn from me and let me learn from you! Enjoy! 

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