9 Life Lessons from Ruth (Obed’s Mother in the Bible)

9 Life Lessons from Ruth (Obed’s Mother in the Bible)

As a mom myself, diving into the lives of godly mothers throughout the Bible has been eye-opening. When it comes to great moms, Obed’s mother in the Bible shines above many I have studied.

And there’s one story, in particular, that hits close to home—the story of Obed’s mother aka the story of Ruth—when she trusted God to take care of her future.

I remember learning about Ruth for the first time in high school. I realized she was amongst a handful of women with well-known historical names in the Bible.

This story isn’t just a tale from the past; it’s a lesson on faith, resilience, and divine purpose, offering rich insights for us moms striving to navigate motherhood with grace and godliness.

Obed's mother in the bible

Quick Recap of Obed’s Mother (Ruth) in 100 Words

Ruth’s narrative begins in tragedy with the loss of Naomi’s husband and Ruth’s decision to leave her native Moab.

Demonstrating profound loyalty, she accompanies Naomi, her mother-in-law, back to Bethlehem, forsaking the possibility of new husbands in Moab.

In Bethlehem, Ruth’s dedication continues as she gleans in the fields of Boaz, a close relative of Naomi’s late husband, seeking sustenance for them both. Recognized for her loyalty and virtue, Ruth finds favor with Boaz.

Their marriage, blessed by God, brings security to Naomi and yields a son, Obed, embedding Ruth within the lineage leading to David and, ultimately, to Jesus Christ, illustrating the impact of faithfulness and divine provision.

Life Lessons from Ruth

9 Life Lessons From Ruth (Obed’s Mother in the Bible)

Ruth’s story from the Book of Ruth offers several life lessons for moms and all believers:

1. Embrace Change with Faith

Ruth’s journey from Moab to Israel symbolizes embracing change and challenges with faith in God’s plan.

2. Loyalty and Love Can Transform Lives

Her unwavering loyalty to Naomi and her love story with Boaz teach the power of commitment and love in shaping futures.

3. Inclusion and Diversity Are Divine

Ruth, a Moabite, becomes integral to Israel’s lineage, showing God’s love transcends borders, embracing all who have faith.

4. Unwavering Faith Leads to Divine Purposes

Ruth’s faith and obedience, even in foreign lands, highlight the significance of trusting God’s plans beyond immediate understanding.

5. God’s Plans Are Inclusive

Ruth’s role as a foreigner in the lineage of Jesus Christ emphasizes God’s inclusive plan of salvation.

6. Kindness and Redemption Go Hand in Hand

Boaz’s kindness to Ruth, marrying her and securing Naomi’s and Ruth’s future, showcases the redemptive power of kindness.

7. Courage in Faith Transforms

Ruth’s story encourages believers to see their lives as part of God’s grand narrative, urging faithfulness and courage in the unknown.

8. Your Background Does Not Define Your Destiny

Ruth’s transformation from a widow in a foreign land to a matriarch in Christ’s lineage teaches that one’s past does not dictate their role in God’s plan.

9. Embrace Your Role in God’s Story

Ruth’s legacy inspires believers to courageously play their part in God’s story, assured of His sovereignty in weaving lives together for His glory.

Ruth’s narrative is a powerful testament to the ways faith, loyalty, and divine providence intersect, offering timeless lessons for modern believers navigating their faith journey.

Obed's mother in the Bible

The Significance of Ruth’s Lineage

Diving into the story of Obed’s mother, Ruth is one that’s been the subject of much debate and fascination among folks who love digging into the Bible.

You see, Ruth’s life story is not just a love story.

It’s a narrative deeply entwined with the grand saga of Jesus Christ’s genealogy, bringing together names that echo through the halls of biblical history.

Now, there’s a bit of a mix-up sometimes about who exactly fits where in this divine lineage.

For starters, Ruth, this remarkable Moabite woman, finds her way into the heart of the people of Israel—and directly into the family line leading to none other than Jesus Christ himself.

That’s right, through her marriage to Boaz, the father of Obed, and then down the line to Jesse and King David, Ruth becomes a pivotal link in the chain

It’s fascinating, really, how Ruth’s story connects with so many key figures—Boaz, the mighty man of wealth; Jesse, the father of King David; and on it goes through the Old Testament right into the New.

Even Matthew’s genealogy lays it all out for us. This young woman’s life story from a foreign land to the fields of Bethlehem isn’t just a footnote; it’s a significant chapter in Israel’s history and a testament to God’s inclusive promise.

But why does this matter to us?

Well, Ruth’s journey—her courage, her faithfulness, and her role as Obed’s mother—reminds us that God’s plans are often bigger and more inclusive than we can imagine.

From the threshing floor where Ruth’s future was decided to the city gate where Boaz proclaimed his intention to marry her, every step was a stitch in the fabric of a much larger divine plan.

I don’t hear often pastors or teachers talk about other people in the Bible Ruth may be influenced because of her placement in their lineage. Perhaps even the father of Boaz or the father of Jesse, the father of Solomon, and even Boaz’s mother. 

So next time you’re flipping through those pages, remember Ruth—one young lady amongst Moabite women who became the mother of Obed, and through her faith and love, became a key figure in the lineage of Christ.

It’s a reminder that in God’s grand story, everyone has a place, and every story, no matter how small it might seem, is significant.

Boaz threshing floor

Ruth: A Moabite Woman of Valor

Imagine leaving everything you know—your homeland, your family—to journey into an uncertain future. That’s exactly what Ruth did.

After the death of her husband, instead of returning to her Moabite roots, she clung to Naomi, her Israelite mother-in-law, with those famous words that still echo with steadfast devotion:

“Where you go, I will go; where you stay, I will stay.” Ruth 1:16, NIV

Ruth’s arrival in Bethlehem was far from glamorous. She was an outsider, a widow from a foreign land, yet her faithfulness to Naomi and her unwavering trust in God marked the beginning of an extraordinary journey.

It was in the fields of Boaz, gleaning leftover grains to support herself and Naomi, that Ruth’s story took a pivotal turn.

Boaz, a relative of Naomi’s late husband and a man of great wealth and kindness, took notice of Ruth. Not just for her beauty, but for her remarkable character and loyalty.

Their marriage was more than a love story; it was a testament to God’s provision and grace.

Ruth, the Moabite, found not only a new home and love with Boaz but also became part of God’s grand narrative, securing her place in the lineage of David and, ultimately, Jesus Christ.

This wasn’t just about Ruth’s happy ending; it was a powerful demonstration of God’s inclusive love, breaking down barriers and welcoming the outsider into His redemptive plan.

Ruth’s journey from a foreigner to the mother of Obed, grandmother of Jesse, and great-grandmother of King David, encapsulates a truth we often see woven throughout Scripture—God uses the unlikely, the overlooked, and the outsider to fulfill His purposes.

In Ruth’s life story, we find a call to embrace God’s inclusive love, to see beyond our borders, and to find kinship and purpose in the most unexpected places.

Boaz, Ruth and Obed

The Role of Boaz: A Mighty Man of Wealth and Kindness

Boaz was a true embodiment of generosity and righteousness. Ruth, a Moabite widow, steps into Boaz’s barley fields, hoping to gather some leftover grains to feed herself and Naomi.

It’s here that Boaz, a man of substantial means and a heart just as vast, notices her.

But it’s not just a fleeting glance; it’s a gaze that sees beyond Ruth’s foreign status and recognizes her valor, her loyalty to Naomi, and her humble trust in the God of Israel.

What’s remarkable about Boaz isn’t just his wealth but how he chooses to use it.

In a world where he could easily have overlooked Ruth, he instead offers her protection, ensures she has enough to eat, and respects her dignity.

But Boaz’s role goes beyond acts of kindness. He adheres to Israelite law, navigating its complexities to not only protect Ruth and Naomi but to restore their family’s name through his marriage to Ruth.

This isn’t just a feel-good moment in the Bible; it’s a powerful statement about the kind of man Boaz was and the values held by the people of Israel.

Through Boaz’s integrity and Ruth’s faithfulness, we see God’s provision unfold, leading to their marriage and the birth of Obed. This union, marked by mutual respect and godliness, paints a vivid picture of God’s redemptive work, not just in their lives but in the grand narrative of salvation history.

Boaz’s role in this story reminds us that true wealth isn’t measured by the grains in our fields but by the kindness in our actions and the justice in our deeds.

It’s a call to all of us to embody the values of the people of Israel, to protect, to respect, and to love, guided by the law and by a heart that seeks after God.

Ruth's son, Obed

Their Legacy of Faith and Obedience

The birth of Obed to Ruth and Boaz isn’t just a happy ending to a love story; it’s a profound testament to the rewards of faith and obedience.

A woman from a foreign land and a man of wealth and status, both choosing to trust in God’s provision, navigating the complexities of law and tradition with integrity and compassion.

Their story, culminating in the birth of Obed, is a beautiful illustration of how God honors faithfulness.

Obed’s entrance into the world serves as a crucial link in a much larger narrative—connecting the dots from Ruth and Boaz to King David and, ultimately, to Jesus Christ.

Hebrew scriptures show us this isn’t just about lineage; it’s about the overarching theme of God’s faithfulness to His people, a thread that weaves through the fabric of the Bible.

Take Uriah’s wife (Bathsheba), for instance, another significant figure in the genealogy of Jesus. Her story, fraught with tragedy and redemption, further underscores the complex ways in which God works through our lives, often in ways we least expect.

These narratives are not mere historical accounts; they are reminders that our stories are part of a grander plan, one orchestrated by a God who values faith and obedience.

Obed's mother

Final Thoughts: Life Lessons from Ruth (Obed’s Mother)

As we reflect on their lives and the lineage that led to the birth of Christ, we’re reminded of the beauty of God’s sovereignty and His unwavering commitment to those who love and obey Him.

It’s a powerful encouragement for us today to live lives marked by faith and obedience, trusting in God’s faithful hand over our stories.

The story of Ruth teaches moms the value of loyalty and faithfulness, showing that steadfast commitment to family and trust in God’s provision can lead to remarkable outcomes beyond immediate understanding.

Ruth’s journey underscores the importance of courage in the face of uncertainty and the impactful legacy one can build through acts of love and faith.

The legacy of Ruth, Boaz, and Obed teaches us that obedience to God’s will, even when the path seems uncertain, can lead to blessings beyond measure.

It’s a call to trust in the Lord’s timing and provision, knowing that our obedience can have ripple effects through generations.


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