Goodbye 2019!

If there is one picture that could summarize what 2019 felt like… it’s this one. I’d like to call it, “What the crap just happened?!” 🤣


God has rescued me a thousand times this year.

FIRST QUARTER, I continued school battles for Leland that left me wounded and depressed.

SECOND QUARTER, I began swallowing the truth that my expectations vs. reality of motherhood were canyons apart. The pull of my career ambitions competing with the full-time unique needs of my family paralyzed me.

THIRD QUARTER, started to feel financial strain from medical debt + having moved from full-time to part-time work for kids last year. Finished our book manuscript but too broke to publish it 🤪

FOURTH QUARTER, dropped my ego in the trash and transformed my prayer life. More peaceful home, calmer mom, and new school changes on the horizon SOLELY because God took over my heart, mind and soul.


It is the greatest place to be ^ and my 2020 goals haven’t quite been ironed out… I don’t want to fabricate some forced milestones and call it a day. I know I must continue my mission to LOVE FAST & LIVE SLOW and guide others to that same peaceful place.

But what kind of hypocrite would I be to teach LFLS if I didn’t run into personal friction … and live to tell.

You will soon know the deepest parts of my heart and story when we release our book (because we’ve held NOTHING back). Some of you are in the pages…

2020 … who knows what you will give us, but I’m stronger than I was last year so bring it on.


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