God doesn't answer every prayer

3 Reasons God Doesn’t Answer EVERY Prayer

3 Reasons God Doesn’t Answer Every Prayer 


Why doesn’t God answer every prayer?

1. We pray for ease.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever prayed for something without asking God what His will was first.

My hands, feet, and elbows are raised high. There are a lot of things that would make my life easier and I pray for them often. But easy doesn’t build character. Easy is not always God’s best.

2. We pray as know-it-alls.

Let’s get something straight. We aren’t smarter than God. His ways are far greater than our ways.

He knows the beginning, middle and end of our brief story here on earth. There is power in praying in faith and making our requests known to God.

It’s dangerous to go to God as if He needs our advice or input. Instead, go to God in humility and surrender, trusting that no matter what turns out, it’s your chance to bring glory to Him.

3. We don’t pray at all.

Consider the possibility that you aren’t actually praying. Perhaps passive thoughts like “I hope God comes through for me this time” roll through your mind but you haven’t actually talked to God.

There is a big difference between THINKING about praying and ACTUALLY praying. God desires a relationship with you, my friend. And having the faith to talk to Him is a great first step in strengthening that relationship.

God doesn't answer every prayer
God doesn't answer every prayer
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