Don't ruin a new thing!

Don’t Ruin a Good Thing

I don’t want us to ruin a good thing.

In good times and bad, we have the choice to obey God or obey our impulses. This morning in my journal I was venting about some unfortunate happenings that have stirred buried anxiety, bitterness and anger.

Unfortunate events and decisions made that directly impact my family (especially during this scary time). The last sentence before I wrote amen was, “Rescue me before I ruin a good thing.”

… before I ruin a good thing.

don't ruin a good thing

What good can come from these tough times? Everyone on the planet knows about 2020 and everyone has sacrificed something. Still, to no avail, the virus advances. 

  • I’ve seen friends lose their jobs.
  • I’ve seen special needs families lose services.
  • I’ve seen elderly weep thinking they’ve been abandoned.
  • I’ve seen now homeschool parents feel inadequate.
  • I’ve seen children act out because of internalized fear.

 We all have different stories. We can swim against the tide and become bitter betty’s … only focusing on the bad and unfortunate. Or we can throw our hands up and let God rescue us.

“Lord, rescue us before we ruin a good thing.”

We may see beams of light break through a few shadows today or read a few memes that highlight the positives in this quarantine.

I am all about positive. I am also all about memes (they steal many many minutes of my day). Know this: However you feel today, it’s okay.

Your feelings are yours. You can be mad, sad, scared, anxious…. none of these are outside of God’s empathy.

don't ruin a good thing

Are you ruining a good thing?

God knew when He created you that you’d live in this generation, in this country, and in this crisis.

It was not by accident. What if everything you’ve gone through boils down to preparing you “for such a time as this”?

My charge to you is to NOT ruin a good thing. We may question a lot of things and our faith may feel weary, but if you believed the Bible to be true before, then believe it with even more zeal now.

“And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.” Romans 8:28


Hidden Heroes ebook

Last October, I released a 10-day devotional, Hidden Heroes: How God Uses Everyday People to Change The World. It was a personal mountain I had to conquer and I felt blessed to share my findings with you.

I wanted to shine a light on the lesser-known characters of the Bible and spotlight how their faith created a ripple effect.

Through their obedience, they not only changed the course of their lives but history as we know it.

 Today, I want to [excitedly] announce a sequel to that devotional.


Almost Heroes: How God’s People Can Ruin a Good Thing (10-Day Devotional)

The purpose of this 10-day devotional is to shine light on a followers of God who made a few bad turns and ruined a good thing.

We are all one choice away from stepping off of God’s path. The characters discussed in this devotional faced a fork-in-the-road, they struggled with pride, greed, lust, revenge and fear.

These struggles ultimately led to their pit fall because they chose to follow their own instincts and worldly desires than to surrender the sin and push past temptation. 

Almost Heroes ebook

This is the same battle we face today. Every day, as believers, we are faced with choices to follow God’s unconventional path or follow the ways of the world.

A world which celebrates power, prestige, wealth and dominance. It’s tempting to make nine godly choices then justify the tenth sinful choice.

We feel that we’ve earned the right to sway from God’s narrow way, as did these characters. They had good things going and they chose themselves over God. 

Thankfully we serve a gracious and merciful God. He knows our heart and spirit of repentance. As you will read in the next 10 days, God not only provides a way to avoid pitfalls, but if we happen to stumble, the consequences are not forever.

God will always love us and welcome us back into His arms. However, not everyone turns from their sin. I hope at the end of our study together, you recognize your inevitable shortcomings and choose to do what you know is right… every time. 

There has never been a better time to come together and do the right thing. If you want to be added to the waiting list for Almost Heroes, order here!

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