Does God want us to be down-to-earth?

Does God want us to be down-to-earth?

Does God want us to be down-to-earth?

Have you ever wondered, “Does God want us to be down-to-earth?” That is a very specific thought and a weird internal thought of mine. Ha!

What does down to earth even mean? Let’s dive in.

Does God want us to be down-to-earth?

What does down-to-earth mean?

If you say that someone is down-to-earth, you approve of the fact that they concern themselves with practical things and actions, rather than with abstract theories.

I wanted to drop some life lessons I am learning from our guy Moses. He lives mostly in Exodus and is most known for confronting the biggest power in the world.

He led millions of enslaved Israelites out of Egypt. Pretty spectacular resume hook. Was Moses down-to-earth?

1. Moses was insecure.

But God still used him. He was raised like royalty in the Egyptian palace with Pharaoh’s daughter. One could think he got a big head or felt entitled because of his status… but Moses was quite down-to-earth. And when God called him to lead, he didn’t feel qualified.

2. God equipped Moses.

Leading an entire nation to freedom wasn’t a small feat. Moses remained approachable, compassionate (albeit frustrated at their frequent worship of idols) and meek.

3. Moses was meek.

“The man Moses was very meek, more than all people who were on the face of the earth” (Numbers 12:3).

Why is this important to our LFLS community? By learning and absorbing character traits that God celebrates, we will more easily live out our mission to love fast and live slow. Let’s start today.

Does God want us to be down-to-earth
What does want us to be down-to-earth

LFLS Challenge:
What can you do to be meeker this week?

Thanks for reading!



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