Day 15 of 100 Days of Brave

Live Slow Bible Study: Day 15 of 100 Days To Brave

Day 15 of 100 Days To Brave

Today is Day 15 of 100 days to brave!

To be brave, we must believe who God says He is. I feel a resounding theme in my life from God: “Laura, trust me!”

The picture below is what life feels like for a lot of us. We are out in the world, being all vulnerable and hard-working, just trying to do the right thing but getting hit from every angle.

Lucky for my son, he loves this kind of resistance. Unlucky for many of us, we think any obstruction to our plan means God’s not in it. 

Day 15 of 100 Days To Brave

Sister, let me tell you: God is in it. He’s always in it. 

This week as you dive into the next section of 100 Days To Brave (Brave Enough To Believe God), I hope you encounter resistance.

Not because I don’t want you to success or experience peace, but because this gives you the chance to grow. When we surrender and believe who God says He is, that means we are laying down our pride, our fears, our control.

He is in charge. He has a plan. He can win the day. 

Today is the last day of summer for my boys (they start back in school routine tomorrow).

I look forward to this next section of our study and this next transition into the school year. What things are you looking forward to?

Are you letting God move in your life… or are you the one being resistant?


The comments you’ve shared on the blog have been the highlight of my week.

Please keep it up! I have learned so much about you and it connects us all. You are so special to me girl – and as you will learn this week, you are incredibly unique.

I am thankful you are choosing to spend time with me in our #LiveSlowBibleStudy. 


Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 9.15.24 AM.png

I hope you are walking into day 15 with more courage than day 1.

If you are reading ahead, you go girl! If you are a bit behind, no worries. Pick the book back up and start. Each section’s blog will be posted and waiting for you when you are ready.

See you guys in the comments soon!


Laura Mendenhall

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    1. I’m on day 18 I think – today’s was about praying. I’ll be honest, this was a hard day to read. In fact still working the bravery up for the day. I rarely pray. Truth. It completely weirds me out and I don’t know why! Praying is not a new concept, I was raised in church my entire life, I’ll follow along in group prayers but praying on my own… huge struggle bus!

      1. praying is tough not just for you… but honestly, the majority. We can all forget, we can all get distracted, we can all be too general or THINK we are praying when we are really just thinking, "Man i wish this would be better" but we hadnt really asked God to intervene or even have the faith that he hears you and CAN rescue you <3 I am so glad this study is challenging you. it is for me too!

    2. I have a huge problem with control, especially with my anxiety and my journey with our first child, Ellie. I am constantly reminded, though, through God’s Word and prayer that He’s got me. He has full control and His plans are greater than mine. It so comforting to know that He is taking care of things. I just need to trust Him and His Word to bring me through it!

      1. Meeeee tooooooo! And I didn’t realize it (or I was in denial) until I felt like i was losing control. Reading this was reassuring to me.. yes, God has got it. Phew. Amen Katie!

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