Day 1 of 100 Days To Brave

Live Slow Bible Study: Day 1 of 100 Days To Brave

Day 1 of 100 Days To Brave

Can you believe it’s day 1 of 100 days to brave? I’ve been leading Live Slow Bible Studies for a few years and your enthusiasm has motivated me every step of the way.

Welcome to Day 1 of 100 Days To Brave!

day 1 of 100 days to brave

“Brave people don’t stop hearing the whispers of fear” 

You are here with us and I couldn’t be more full of butterflies & unicorns. During this first blog, I will cover a summary of the first section: Brave Enough To Start

Let me first introduce myself: 

Hi, I am Laura. I am a total down-to-earth gal who loves her family and loves Jesus. I am nothing special.

That isn’t some superficial humble brag, that is genuine, “Trust me, girl, when you meet me in person you will realize I am a dorky homebody who likes to laugh until she cries.”

I hope we can become closer friends through this journey. 

I am a wife of almost 12 years (wow!) and our marriage hasn’t been perfect. I am a mom of three kiddos (aka minions) and our family dynamic is diverse.

By diverse, I mean we are a neurodiverse family because my oldest son is autistic and it’s rocked my world. Even though my world is unpredictable and messy, I want to invite you into it. Are you down for that?

If you are still reading this then I will assume you are on board for this adventure with me. I chose 100 Days To Brave as our newest Live Slow Bible Study because I need more bravery in my life.

During these last 12 months, I’ve been overtaken by fear and confusion as we plowed through my son’s diagnosis, my family’s financial crisis, and my husband’s career change.

Sometimes life just throws wrenches at your face, am I right? Or am I right?

day 1 of 100 days to brave

Today is DAY ONE and the next 4 days will cover the BRAVE ENOUGH TO START section of your book. That is what we are chatting about today. 



day 1 of 100 days to brave

My hope with this first chat is that you’ve started Day 1 of 100 days to brave and look forward to days 1-5.

I’ll shoot you an email again on day 6 when we start our next conversation about “Brave Enough To Be You”

I love you guys way more than you can ever imagine.

My prayer is that I can wash your feet virtually during these 100 days. I want to meet you where you are and shower love + belonging on you #sorryifthatscheesy #imeanit

I know being brave is hard. I know sometimes life sucks. But the beauty of it all is that God can show us the way. We can experience peace in our hearts. I want that for you!



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  1. Hi! So I’ve been knowing God has wanted me to dig into a bible study and there’s a lot to choose from! I prayed this morning He would guide me on the one I needed at this moment, after my morning workout at F45 @ 5am, your email was in my inbox. So I’m in. Ordering the book today. I need more brave…special needs son, blended family, love Jesus, marriage on the rocks, and I need more Jesus and His bravery❤️ let’s go!

    1. Hey Alicia! no way!! I love stuff like that 🙂 So glad you are here doing this with me — since he sent you our way, you can trust that He has everything else planned for you in these next 100 days too. Trust whatever he unfolds!

  2. I’ve needed a bible study for the past year, but couldn’t find anything around here to do. So when I found this one I was so excited for it and can’t wait for this 100 day journey to a brave new me, life has been hell since my hysterectomy and having to move home.

    1. That is so awesome to hear Deena! And oh man, I’m so sorry to hear about your surgery complications. I cannot imagine. I know that God doesn’t make mistakes and you are here with us in this group for a reason!

  3. So much is happening in my world and it’s easy to let it cloud my vision. The best (in my opinion) moments of realization are ones like this for me: I had no idea I needed this in my life, but I also have no doubt that I need this.

    1. I am queen of having a cloudy mind. OH MAN I absolutely can relate to this. I am so glad you are here with me walking through this … can you imagine what God has in store for you during these 100 days?!! He already has it all planned out. Just lean into Him!

  4. Really needed this type of motivation to get back into God’s Word every day. Thank you for sharing in your video, Laura! Tough transitions in life right now, and I’m so grateful for this!

    May God bless you all, ladies!

    1. Katie, I am THRILLED you are a part of this with me! Life can def throw curveballs. Digging into His word is the best (and only) place to find peace in transition girlfriend <3

  5. My book arrived THIS MORNING and I am already hooked! I had already done the action step this morning on an accountability call, before I read today’s message. I am excited to work through this and am already thinking about ways I can step out of my comfort zone. Thank you Laura!!

    1. Wahoo!! Isn’t it such a fun read? And that is great – keep doing those daily brave challenges. Even when they seem small OR they seem impossible. Step out in faith!

  6. In the spirit of transparency, I just really need God’s help to brave and trust him! Because I just don’t! I completely worry and stress about so many things right now. And I hate living day to day with short term faith. And it’s exhausting! I’ve tried before to make a habit of reading God’s word early, and I on my own, I haven’t fully committed! So, I’m excited to be here with you all!

    1. I am glad you are so honest – last year when I was hitting very low days, I decided to be honest with God. I told Him how angry I was at him. How frustrated and hopeless I felt. He heard me. Even if our conversations weren’t full of trust or worship… our connection was still real. Your faith must grow deeper, but that takes a lot of courage. Glad you are doing this study with us.

  7. I’m really excited for this! God placed something huge on my heart a few years ago. I think it’s my purpose because it hasn’t left my thoughts & I ‘come to life’ when I talk about it?? Not sure if that’s how you know it’s your purpose, but that’s what I’m going with. 🙂 I also need a lot of courage to carry it out. 😉 Soooo I’m looking forward to becoming brave!!

    1. I love this!! That "spark" God put on your heart – water it and let it grow girl! Proud of you!

  8. I’m not good at posting, but here goes. My biggest fear right now is what others think of me, even to the point of posting here in a safe space for sounding to cliché is stressful. So I hide and keep to myself. I’m starting to think this has impacted so many relationships that I could have had, so here’s to trusting God for stepping out and walking (and talking) in his arms.

    1. I am so glad you posted 🙂 Makes it real. You are acting our in courage bc you are willing to be seen. I am so proud of you!

  9. I am slow ordering my book but cannot wait to get it. I enjoy have a community of like minded people to share with. I have a whole lot of fears in life right now and let’s not even speak of the anxiety I experience on a daily. I’m hoping to be able to start processing my fears better and have less anxiety by pushing closer to what God is wanting from me. I’ve definitely been less than perfect these days and at times have felt completely lost. Anyone else have that feeling of complete loss of control and of time in the day…

    1. 🙁 I hate anxiety! It got ahead of me this past year and I had to go see a therapist — I know how powerful it is and I hate seeing my friends walk in it. Let’s pray that God free’s you from anxiety and to be BRAVE enough to surrender those fears to Him.

  10. I am so excited to be a part of this study. I need this in my life. Over the last year I have not turned to God enough. I have also not taken care of myself. A lot of changes have impacted me in so many ways. I know I need to put God first! Thank you for allowing me to be a part.

    1. Hey Stephanie! me either friend, so often I rely on myself. One day at a time — one good decision at a time! You can do this!

  11. So it would seem that this was truly meant to be. Yesterday morning, I got up and got going. Enjoyed the first day’s study and what it meant to me. Got some gardening done and ran myself out of time to put in my workout and still be on time to work, so I made a gym date with my son for after work. Unfortunately, as so often happens when we have plans, my whole world shifted sideways last night and I am now being challenged harder than I have ever been challenged in my life. Thankfully, all of the people involved in our little event are alright (physically). I do find myself now in a position to be braver than I’ve ever had to be. I’d love to call it irony, but feel more inclined to see this as purpose. The remaining days of these 100 are guaranteed to be insightful for me. Bring on the growth!!

    1. oh man!! I am so sorry that life hit you in the face but I have to say… when we commit to being brave, the enemy will try to knock us down. My favorite part of a 100 day commitment is not the victory at the end, it’s the transformation and growth that will unfold as we walk through. I will lift you up in prayer today!

  12. My older sister and I have the argument about being brave… She thinks I’m the brave one, I think shes crazy. It terrifies me to speak in public, or to even go out in public half the time. I don’t make friends easy. I cant find the courage to let myself get close to anyone or to trust anyone. Her, well.. Shes the center of attention everywhere she goes. Shes everyone’s best friend and it just comes so easy for her!
    Clearly, we have different views on being brave. Sure, If I’m upset I can speak my mind. I will stand up to defend my husband or kids. (but never myself). I can be mean and loud.
    That’s not being brave, That is being scared! I turn to defense mode! She just doesn’t understand.

    1. That is so interesting. The way you explain your differences… it’s evident to me that you each think the OTHER is the brave one bc they exude confidence in an area you feel insecure. Like you are comfortable being alone… and so she wants to be brave like that!! And she is comfortable with people… so you want to be brave like that. You guys sound like fun (close) sisters. I often think about my insecurities and find other people who excel in those areas… so they inspire me to be brave!

  13. Brave enough to be me? WOW! So I’m currently going through a Step Study program through Celebrate Recovery at my church. The goal is to ‘overcome’ our hurts, hang-ups & habits – the bad ones. 😉 And I shared this with them today – I feel like my issues are part of my identity. And then I get scared because I start to wonder who I am without those labels? And how do I even begin to live my life without those labels??

    I shared this week that I ‘overcame’ my struggle with body image issues. And because of that, it’s been weird to look in the mirror this week & not want to pick out every little flaw. It’s like, now what do I say to myself??

    Soooo…for me brave enough to be me, is like brave enough to be the me God intended me to be!!!!!

    And sorry. I wasn’t sure where to post this??

    1. girl, sorry that Day 6 was not posted sooner with that weird glitch! i loved this comment and i commented on it in Day 6 blog <3

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