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Love Fast Live Slow: Discover the Simplicity of Reflecting Jesus in a Stressful World

Humanity is overwhelmed with feelings of distress now more than ever. The world is looking for a solution to the angst. A trending solution to this overarching misalignment is to fill our lives with more. More stuff. More money. More exercise. More volunteering. More prestige. We look outward to satisfy our hunger for happiness.

What we know we should be doing, rain or shine, clear or foggy, is to live as Jesus did. That is why Love Fast Live Slow exists.

Unsung Heroes: How Faithful Mothers in the Bible Overcame Battles to Make a Generational Impact

Have you ever wondered how Eve would have handled backtalk? How did Rebecca manage sibling rivalry? Did Samson’s mom have to redirect his aggression into something productive?

We do not know everything there is to know about their stories, their journeys to motherhood, their parenting styles, or their secrets to endurance. But what we do know is that each of these women was chosen and equipped by God to be the springboard for their child’s destiny.

Almost Heroes: How God’s People Can Ruin a Good Thing

The purpose of this 10-day devotional is to shine a light on followers of God who made a few wrong turns and ruined a good thing. We are all one choice away from stepping off of God’s path. The characters discussed in this devotional faced a fork in the road. They struggled with pride, greed, revenge, and fear, to name a few. These struggles ultimately led to their demise because they chose to follow their instincts and worldly desires rather than run from sin and push past temptation.

Hidden Heroes: How God Uses Everyday People To Change The World

The purpose of this 10-day devotional is to shine a light on the lesser-known characters of the Bible and spotlight how their faith created a ripple effect. Through their obedience, they changed the course of their lives and history as we know it.

I like to think most of us can relate well (if not more) to characters in the Bible who lived behind the scenes. These men and women weren’t the wealthiest. They weren’t hailed as chosen leaders of their nations, famous athletes, or commerce leaders. And most certainly, they didn’t get a book of the Bible named after them.