You can't rush God

You Can’t Rush God

You can’t rush God. Are you trying to rush God? Have you ever longed for something so bad that it burdened you daily? Are you in a season of waiting and holding onto a promise of God? But it’s just taking too long that you feel you are going crazy? You aren’t alone. If you…

Lazy vs workaholic

Lazy vs Workaholic

Lazy vs Workaholic Is there a true competition: lazy vs workaholic? Are you on more than the other? This topic has been on my mind a lot lately. I was sitting here doing laundry and I was thinking about the different responsibilities that God has given me and conversations that we’re having behind the scenes….

subtract to produce more
Slow Down

Subtract to Produce More

Subtract to Produce More Do you believe this works: subtract to produce more? It’s been an experiment for me. Life has been crazy lately. I was doing a running/lifting program that had me training for a 5k and I feel like that totally flopped. You know when you start something, and you have full ambition…