5 Kings in the Bible Who Changed Israel’s History

5 Kings in the Bible Who Changed Israel’s History

I’ve always had this deep love for diving into the Old Testament. That is why I wanted to highlight 5 Kings in the Bible who changed Israel’s history. 

Something about its ancient stories, like the kings of Israel, speaks to my soul. It wasn’t until I started digging into Israel’s history, filled with great cities, good courage, royal cities, and fortified cities, that my passion for studying God’s Word really caught fire.

You see, the Bible isn’t just a dusty collection of tales from ages past; it’s the living story of God’s people.

Their stories, like those of King Hezekiah and King Josiah who sought the Lord God of Israel amidst commercial communications and email communications, aren’t just about history; they’re about real people, real faith, and real lessons for us today.

In this blog post, we’re going to explore the lives of 5 Kings in the Bible who, with great courage and God’s guidance, changed Israel’s history. We’ll chat about their highs, lows, and everything in between. 

Learning about Kings in the bIble

King David: A Man After God’s Heart

Hold on to your hats because we’re about to dive deep into the extraordinary life of King David. Seriously, this guy’s story is a legend in the land of Canaan!

You can read about King David throughout Scripture but the story of how his reign as King changed Israel’s history is 1 Chronicles 11-29.

David’s story kicked off in the most unexpected way when he was anointed—a fancy word that means chosen—as king while he was still a lowly shepherd. Imagine this: a young shepherd lad destined to become royalty. It’s the kind of story that gives you chills.

But here’s where it gets interesting—David wasn’t just a king; he was a warrior who faced epic battles. He had hope that surpassed his fear.

Think “David vs. Goliath.” Yeah, that’s right, the epic showdown where David took down the giant Goliath with nothing more than a slingshot and a boatload of faith. It’s like something out of a biblical action movie.

And that’s not all—David also played a pivotal role in establishing Jerusalem as Israel’s great city, its capital.

Kings of Israel

But what truly makes David stand out are his unshakable faith, incredible humility, and impressive leadership qualities. He wasn’t just a king; he was also a worshipper and a poet. 

Some of the Psalms in the Bible? Yep, he wrote those. The guy had a way with words!

David’s story isn’t just about his achievements; it’s about the journey. It teaches us that it’s not where you start but the faith, humility, and leadership qualities you carry with you

Sure, he had his share of ups and downs along the way, but don’t we all? David’s tale is a reminder that having a heart after God’s own heart can take you from being a humble shepherd to a legendary king, from small beginnings to a significant place in Israel’s history. The people of Israel loved him! 

King Solomon: The Wise and Wealthy Ruler

Alright, let’s step into the world of King Solomon, the ultimate king when it comes to wisdom and wealth. You can find the majority of his story in 1 Kings 1-11.

Picture this: King Solomon, the guy known for his unparalleled wisdom—a bit like having a direct hotline to God for all things wise and wonderful. People from all corners came to hear his sage advice. He was like the Google of his time!

But that’s not all; Solomon’s resume includes building the First Temple in Jerusalem, which was like the grandest construction project of the day. 

This temple wasn’t just another building; it was the spiritual heart of Israel, the city of Jerusalem, their great city. And let’s not forget about Solomon’s wealth. The guy was rolling in gold and silver. His wealth wasn’t just about shiny stuff; it was a symbol of God’s blessings.

5 Kings of Israel that Changed History

Now, here’s the twist—Solomon’s reign wasn’t just about wisdom and wealth; it involved the whole nation. 

The men of Israel would follow his lead, trusting in his wisdom. It’s like he was the commander-in-chief of the Israelite army, guiding them with his voice of authority.

Solomon’s story is a crash course in making the right choices. He had the wisdom to ask God for wisdom, which is pretty smart, right? It’s like asking for infinite wishes without breaking the rules!

But even with all the wisdom and wealth, Solomon had his moments of “uh-oh.” He let his priorities get a little skewed, which led to some less-than-wise decisions later on. 

So, there’s a lesson here too—making the right choices is essential, but so is keeping your priorities in check.

King Solomon’s story is a fascinating blend of wisdom, wealth, and worldly pursuits. It teaches us that even the wisest and wealthiest among us can still get tangled up in life’s complexities. 

King Saul: Israel’s First King

Let’s step into the shoes of Israel’s first-ever king—King Saul. His story is a bit of a rollercoaster ride through the highs and lows of leadership. He started out as a good king.

Saul, just an ordinary guy, was thrust into the role of Israel’s king (read about this in 1 Samuel chapters 8 to 31). It’s like winning the ultimate biblical lottery. But as they say, with great power comes great responsibility.

Saul kicked off his reign with so much promise. He was not only the first among the Israelite army commanders but also the one chosen to lead the people of war. 

King Saul was Israel's first king

Just imagine him at the forefront, his voice of authority rallying the troops all day long.

But here’s where it gets fascinating—Saul’s tale isn’t just about victories and glory; it’s about some epic blunders too. 

Obedience? Well, let’s just say he had a few hiccups in that department. Humility? Not exactly his strong suit, especially when pride got the better of him. He became jealous of young David and that evil seed grew to his demise.

You see, Saul’s kingdom took a nosedive when he didn’t follow God’s instructions to the letter. The consequences of disobedience hit him hard, and it cost him his crown. It’s a cautionary tale that underscores the importance of obedience and humility.

So, what’s the lesson here? Saul’s story is a stark reminder that leadership isn’t solely about power and authority; it’s about obedience, humility, and understanding the ramifications of our choices

Even as Israel’s first king, he faced struggles. His story serves as a guidepost for leaders everywhere.

As we journey through the highs and lows of Saul’s reign, let’s remember that leadership isn’t just about the crown; it’s about the heart. Saul’s tale shows us the significance of obedience, humility, and the sobering reality of the consequences of disobedience. 

King Hezekiah: A Reformed and Revivalist

Next up is King Hezekiah—the ultimate reformer and revivalist. His story is like a burst of fresh air in a musty old cave.

Picture this: Hezekiah, the king with a mission, determined to bring much-needed reforms to his kingdom. It’s like he decided to brighten up the dark and dusty corners of Jerusalem. A king with a vision, you might say.

Read 2 Kings 18-20: These chapters provide a detailed account of King Hezekiah’s reign, including his efforts to reform Judah, his trust in God during the Assyrian invasion, and the miraculous deliverance of Jerusalem.

But here’s where it gets fascinating—Hezekiah’s reign wasn’t just about making the people of Jerusalem happy; it was about making God happy too. 

Hezekiah wasn’t one of those kings of Jerusalem who sat on his throne and did nothing. No, he was all about taking action.

Kings of Israel

Jerusalem is surrounded by enemies, like a group of hungry wolves circling their prey. These weren’t your ordinary foes; they were the mighty kings of Assyria, and they wanted Jerusalem’s neck, metaphorically speaking.

In the darkest hour, Hezekiah didn’t cower in a hidden cave. No, he went to the Temple and sought the face of God with the voice of a man. It was like a powerful conversation with the Almighty.

And then, the unexpected happened—the miraculous deliverance from the Assyrians. It was as if the very mouth of the cave opened up and swallowed their enemies whole. 

The kings of Assyria didn’t stand a chance!

What’s the lesson here? Hezekiah’s story tells us that in times of crisis, seeking God and crying out with the voice of a man can change the course of history. 

Hezekiah’s reforms, trust in God, and the power of prayer transformed a seemingly impossible situation into a tale of divine intervention.

So, remember this as we journey through the lives of these kings. King Hezekiah’s story is a beacon of hope that shows us how faith, prayer, and action can bring victory even in the face of overwhelming odds.

King Josiah: A Hidden King Emerges

Last but not least, buckle up for the tale of a young king who stumbled upon something truly remarkable—King Josiah! I could talk to my kids for a whole day about King Josiah being a young leader who did what was right in the Lord’s sight. 

A young ruler, barely out of his teens, was thrust into the spotlight as the king of Judah. Now, that’s what I call a plot twist. My favorite story about Josiah is 2 Kings 22-23.

But here’s where it gets interesting—Josiah wasn’t your average king. Nope, he was on a mission, and his quest led him to a discovery that would change everything. It all started when he decided to spruce up the temple a bit, you know, give it a little TLC.

As the workers were tidying up, they stumbled upon something hidden away in the depths of the temple—the Book of the Law. 

5 Kings in the Bible

Now, this wasn’t just any old book; it was like finding buried treasure. And Josiah knew he had struck gold.

You see, Josiah didn’t just dust off the cobwebs and toss the book aside. No sir, he sat down and read every word, soaking up every bit of wisdom like a sponge. And as he read, something incredible happened—his heart was stirred, and he knew he had to take action.

Josiah started on a mission to reform the kingdom, to bring the people back to God’s Word. 

It was like a revival sweeping through the land, with Josiah leading the charge. He tore down idols, smashed altars, and purged the land of anything that didn’t align with God’s commands.

Josiah wasn’t just preaching to the choir. Nope, he was showing the world that age is just a number when it comes to following God. Whether you’re a seasoned elder or a fresh-faced youngster like Josiah, reading and obeying God’s Word is where it’s at.

So, what’s the takeaway here? Well, Josiah’s story reminds us that no matter how young or old we are, God’s Word is timeless and relevant. 

It’s like a roadmap for life, guiding us through the twists and turns, and leading us closer to Him.

As we journey through Josiah’s reign, let’s remember the importance of digging into God’s Word, regardless of our age. Who knows what treasures we might uncover and what impact it might have on our lives? 

Josiah may have been a young king, but his legacy is a testament to the power of God’s Word in the hands of anyone who dares to seek it.

BONUS: Joshua brings Israel into Promised Land

Joshua, a beacon of strength, faced adversaries like Japhia, king of Lachish, and Piram, ruler of Jarmuth.

With unwavering resolve, Joshua’s army, bolstered by divine guidance, conquered cities like Jericho and Makkedah, where the kings Adonizedec and Adoni-Zedek fell.

As the sun set on the second day of battle, the necks of these kings lay by the edge of the sword, a testament to Joshua’s leadership. Through the opening of the cave, Joshua’s men witnessed great stones tumbling, marking the triumph of faith over adversity in the land of Goshen.

In the conquest of Canaan, Joshua, undeterred, led the charge against formidable foes like the king of Jericho. With strategic precision, he deployed his whole army, setting men at the forefront of battle.

As they marched, they encountered great stones, testaments to the challenges ahead. Yet, undaunted, they pressed on, facing cities fortified with large stones. Through divine guidance, they overcame, their resolve unshaken.

The set men, with Joshua at their helm, advanced, laying siege to the enemy’s strongholds. And with each victory, the promise of the Promised Land drew nearer, a testament to their faith and unwavering determination.

He may not have been a King, but his leadership led the people of Israel into their Promised Land!

Kings of Israel

Final Thoughts: 5 Kings in the Bible

In concluding our journey through the lives of these remarkable kings, we uncover a tapestry woven with courage, faith, and divine intervention. The Old Testament may seem hard to study, but the rich history will help us in our overall understanding of God’s story.

From the sight of Israel, the reputation of their kings was not always promising. These Old Testament Kings matter to our understanding of bible lessons today. Not only were they the most powerful people, they were of the greatest authority.

From the bold leadership of King David, who faced the various kings of those cities, kings of the Amorites, and the crafty men of Gibeon, to the wisdom and wealth of King Solomon, who built the great city of Jerusalem, each king’s story is a testament to the power of God’s providence.

As we reflect on the trials and triumphs of these kings, we’re reminded of the steadfastness of the men of Israel and the unwavering resolve of the Israelite army. Their victories, like the very stones of the Promised Land, stand as a testament to the Lord God of Israel’s mighty hand.

But amidst the battles and conquests, we also find lessons of humility, obedience, and courage. Whether it’s the righteous reforms of King Hezekiah or the rediscovery of God’s Word by the hidden King Josiah, each ruler leaves behind a legacy of faith and devotion to the Lord.

As we journey through the pages of the Old Testament, let us not forget the timeless truths and invaluable lessons found within. In the stories of these kings, we discover not only the history of Israel but also the enduring power of God’s Word to transform lives and nations.

So, let us take heart in the courage of the mighty men of valor, the wisdom of the royal cities, and the faithfulness of the Lord God of Israel. I hope we navigate the challenges in our own lives this very day.

May we find inspiration by studying these 5 Kings in the Bible and strength in the stories of these kings who changed Israel’s history for generations to come.

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