Are you playing it safe? Don’t.

Has God called you to step it up?


God wants you to report to duty with boldness. 

God has you where you are for a reason. If your season of life feels like ground hog day, remember, God still destined it (even if just for a short season). How would you feel if someone called what you did small and insignificant? What if you had been heroic, brave, persistent and full of integrity … and others still looked down on you? Ouch. 

That’s what happened to David. 

Even as a little boy, David (who later became King) demonstrated courage like I’ve never seen. As a shepherd, most of his valiance went unseen. It’s recorded in 1 Samuel 17 that he grabbed a lion and a bear by the jaw and clubbed them to death. He risked his life to protect his father’s sheep and goats. Now that is someone who takes their job seriously! Wow! 

You’d think that would have earned him a bit of respect? Wrong. He was belittled and underestimated. His brothers and even the King mocked him.

“What are you doing around here anyway?”
“What about those few sheep you’re supposed to be taking care of?”
“There’s no way you can fight this Philistine, you’re only a boy!”

What do you think David was feeling?

If you’ve ever been overworked, underpaid, overlooked or unappreciated — then you likely know what he was feeling. So David gave up. He believed them. He confessed he was a nobody. I mean, that’d be pretty understandable, right? Do you blame the guy??

EXCEPT, David didn’t give up at all. He knew God was on his side.

That young boy faced the giant, pulled back his sling shot and knocked Goliath out. He wasn’t afraid of the giant in front of him because he know how God had provided for him in the past. When others didn’t believe in him, he bragged on God. When others told him he’d never measure up, he bragged on God. When others tried to hold him back, he bragged on God.

He stepped up to the plate and took action with boldness. Having so much faith that he gave credit to God before the miracle ever happened.

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