New Live Slow Bible Study: 100 Days To Brave

We start Monday, are you ready?


We’ve been preparing for weeks and Monday can’t come soon enough. Monday is our day 1 of our read through of 100 Days To Brave.


This online bible study will be email + blog based. I chose to take this off social media because (personally) I get way too distracted and start chasing squirrels. 

If you look at the table of contents of the book, you will see Angie separated the book into sections. Each of those sections (Brave Enough To Start, Brave Enough To Be You, etc) will cue a blog + email from yours truly. Don’t worry, I won’t harass your inbox with 100 emails. For those organized types (not I), here are the emails broken down by the day we will start that section: 

I want to create a bond between us because hanging out with like-minded women is special and unique. I’ve opened up commenting on my blog so let’s hang out there! Please (it’s encouraged!) comment on each blog I share with the summary and overview of that section. 

HOORAY! Because I love yall, each blog over said section will include: 

  • Video overview

  • Podcast summary

  • My favorite takeaways

  • Prayer requests

  • Other surprise goodies


Make sure you have the book, 100 Days To Brave 
Don’t half-way show up. Dive in! 

Go ahead and practice commenting on my blog: 
1) Tell us your name
2) Where you are from
3) Family life (married, kids, work. ?) 
4) Why you joined our Live Slow Bible Study?


“You were always meant to be brave.

Whether you’re making a major decision, dealing with a difficult transition, or facing a fear, 100 Days toBrave will give you courage and confidence to move forward.

Annie F. Downs felt her challenges were too difficult, too scary, too much. Then she decided to stop allowing fear to hold her back. It wasn’t easy or simple. But it was good.

With honesty and relatable humor, this compilation of best-of writings and new pieces from Annie will give you the inspiration to embrace the path and the plan God has for you and experience personal growth.

Dare to spend the next 100 days discovering that you are braver than you know and stronger than you thought possible.” (excerpt from 

If you wanted to join that FITNESS side of the Bible Study (optional), learn more from this PDF Info Guidethen fill out this PRE-ORDER FORM.

Thank you! I can’t wait to meet you, comment below —

1) Tell us your name
2) Where you are from
3) Family life (married, kids, work. ?) 
4) Why you joined our Live Slow Bible Study?

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  1. I’ll start!

    I’m laura 🙂
    I’m from GA but live in lovely FL
    I’m a wifey of almost 12 years and mom of 3 crazy bambinos
    I’m doing this study because I’ve heard some great reviews and I’m doing a 100 day fitness challenge and wanted accountability in my daily time with God. Plus, I want to spend as much time with you ladies as possible!

  2. Hi!
    I’m Heather Brandon – and I reside in Florida – from Indiana, but I’ve been here in FL a while now.
    I have a partner of… 11…years (it’s been a long week so I had to do some math) and she’s amazing. We have 5 Greyhounds and leave room to foster one (our most recent foster just went to his forever home last weekend) <3
    I work in a product support role for a financial firm here. It can be stressful.
    I’m here because… well I’ve lost connection with God, and a friend gave me this book a while ago but I haven’t opened it (it’s actually here at work in my desk) so when I saw Laura was doing this, it just felt like this is why I hadn’t done anything with it yet – like I was waiting. So here I am!

    1. Hey Heather!! 5 greyhounds!! impressive! I am so sorry about your loss 🙁 What was her/his name? I bet you have tons of fond memories with them. I am so glad you joined us Heather, God has led you here for a reason. I trust that <3

  3. Hey! I’m Teresa and I live in Carrollton, Ga. I have been married to Matt for 13 years and we have 2 amazing boys (11 and 8 😳). I am a night shift maternity nurse and have done that for almost 20 years. I am doing this study because I need accountability and to grow in my relationship with God!

  4. Hello!
    My name is Katie Hudnall. I am joyously married, 2.5 years, with a beautiful daughter, Ellie, who is 7 months old. We are originally from AZ, but recently moved to Idaho (last September!) before Ellie was born. My husband and I are native Arizonans so we are loving having all four seasons for the first time!
    I’m a stay-at-home mom with Ellie right now. Before she was born I did a lot of choreographing and teaching music. I also direct the choir at my church now, which I absolutely love doing.
    I joined this Bible study after Laura reached out to me about it. I am wanting to become more committed to getting into God’s Word every day instead of just on Sundays. I also am wanting to get back into shape with some dance classes and gym workouts. So this 100-day challenge is exactly what I needed!
    Looking forward to this!

    1. Hey Katie! Walking through those sweet 7 month old memories.. I loved that stage, you can really start seeing their personality then. Oh neat about your previous job doing choreography (I danced forever). And there are NO coincidences with God so you are here for a reason. So glad to have you!!

  5. name is Rachel and I’m from Michigan. I am a single mom to, two boys. Jackson is 14 and Ryan is 7, almost 8. I work full time from home for a title company on their Legal Team. I am blessed to be able to be home and with my boys. I am doing this study to draw closer to God and to build my faith and trust in Him.

    1. Hey Rachel! That is great that you are able to be home with your boys — I bet those ages are fun and challenging (I am not in the teenage years yet but I’ve heard…). Love that you are here with us. Thank you so much!

  6. Hi!

    My name is Natasha and I’m from MN!

    Currently I live my boyfriend and our 2 year old chocolate puppy, named Kona. She is named after Kona coffee.
    On Sunday we celebrate our God son’s baptism!

    I currently work in records at a university and I’m starting to coach online health and fitness starting in August!

    Laura found me on insta and invited me to join. I haven’t found a home church yet so I’m hoping this will help me stay connected to my faith and meet some new friends. ❤️

    1. Hey Natasha!! You are not here by accident, I am so glad you have joined us in this bible study. And congrats on celebrating your God son’s baptism – how was it? So special that you could be there for him!

  7. Hi! I am Angie 🙂 I am from Michigan. I am 33, been married for 12 years and have a 10 year old boy and 8 year old girl . I work at a Christian preschool and my husband works at same school teaxhing STEM, science and P.E.
    I am doing this study because I need accountability but also I am starting a 100 day workout that is starting on Monday too so I think that is providential !

    1. Hey Angie! Congrats on 12 years of marriage, I know that takes work!! Pretty neat that you guys are both teachers, did you meet at work or in school to be teachers? love hearing stories like that. I am so glad you are here with me (us)!!

  8. Hi! I’m Lauren from Georgia. I’m single and dog mom to a sweet puppy named Chloe. She’s a Shih Tzu /Toy Poodle mix. the spirit of transparency, She will be 9 in September, but she’s still a puppy to me! 🙂 I’m doing this study for accountability and to hopefully learn/study some tools to help me make positive changes in my life! 🙂

    1. Hey Lauren! Your pup sounds adorable — hey Chloe 🙂 Even though she’s 9, she will always be your puppy haha I get that! I am so glad you are here with me doing this. Thankful for you!

  9. Hey! I’m Carrly..I live in Ranburne, AL.. right across the GA/AL line 😉 I am married to Eric for almost 8 years, we have two children, Chloe (4) and Landon (2) and we own a farm! I decided to join this group to grow my relationship with god and focus on faith over fear! 🙂

    1. You and Emily both own farms — seriously, yall are making my minimalist / slow living self drool (even though I know farm life is NOT slow lol) I am so glad you are here with us Carrly!!

  10. Hi! I am Emily Revels. I live in Crescent City, Floria. I just celebrated my 5th Anniversary with my husband, Jon! We have two boys, Conner (4) and Caleb (10.5 months). We run his father farm( Crescent Lake Farms), where we grow Cauliflower, potatoes, sweet corn and grain corn. I was a third grade teacher and resigned to be been a stay at home mommy, which lead to being a Beachbody coach ( which I just do for fun now) and now working got out farm part time! I joined this study bc I always get your emails and I have been searching for the right bible study/devotion to do and this one really stuck out to me! I am so excited to start! I will be just a little behind because I just ordered the book, but I will catch up!

    1. Hey Emily! Happy Anniversary!! Wrangling a 4 year old and 10.5 month old, you deserve a hug and trophy #igetit

      No way?! I didn’t realize that (about the farm). That is so neat! I am so glad you are here with us starting this 100 day journey, you are here for a reason!

  11. Hey there! I’m Robyn Matos and I live in Tarpon Springs, FL. I have an awesome husband, Jeff and 1 1/2 year old son, Lincoln. I’m a hairstylist ( and I have the pleasure of being yours 🙂 ) and I’m the best boss I’ve ever had! I’m also an aspiring Voiceover actress working on reaching my goals of breaking into the industry. I joined this bible study because for so long I’ve tried to guide myself on this journey of life, thinking I know what’s best but the real truth is that I’m sort of lost and need to trust in God for guidance. I know that once I fully surrender and let Him lead that I will give the life He has chosen for me!

    1. Hey girl heeeyy <3 So glad you are walking through this with us!! and LOL I love that "I am the best boss I’ve ever had" <– such a true statement. Voiceover actress – so amazing!

  12. Hi! I’m Julie. I live inTrinity, FL. I’m a wife to a Chris for 12 years and a mom to a feisty 9 yo daughter. I work in Healthcare IT and have a few side gigs. I’m here because I have become complacent with many things in life not just spending time with God. I already had this book and when I got it out for this study it was on day 18, if that tells you anything. Lol. I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone.

  13. Hey there! As always, I’m late. Working on that. I’m Abby, and I’m a Georgia girl born, raised, and remain. I’m married to Steven (11 years in December!) and we have two gorgeous girls, Palmer (5) and Ellie (3). I work for the state House although my heart is always at home. I joined this study because I am becoming a school mom on Thursday. And the anxiety that sending my baby, my first born and rainbow baby, into the world gives me anxiety I never saw coming. And this makes me realize that perhaps I put too much stock in the world and what ifs than in my mighty, more than capable God. I want to learn to lean into him always, not just when I can’t handle one more second of maddening anxiety. I want to trust him fully with these beautiful souls he’s allowed me to parent. I don’t want to let the enemy have a foothold by allowing him to feed on my fears. Also, I love Laura’s leadership and authenticity. She’s the real deal. And she’s a beautiful soul that I’ve personally learned a lot from. And I only know her virtually! 🙂

    1. no such thing as late here is LSBS — everyone can commit to walking through their 100 day journey on their best time! And Abby, you are a true gem. Thanks for being a part of this with me (us)!

  14. Hi! My name is Kim and I live in Moreland, GA with my husband and my sweet dog Ziggy. We have a blended family, with three adult children between us. Life is always busy and interesting. I run my own business, and mentor others to do the same.

    I joined this group because I wanted something else to go along with my daily Bible reading. Also, I am trying to grow into a deeper relationship with Christ, and I feel I have been timid through a lot of my life. It is my desire to live my life for God, and push through any fears I have.

    I am looking forward to getting to know each of you as we grow together. Thank you Laura for being brave enough to step out and lead us.

    1. Hey Kim! Love that name Ziggy 🙂 I bet you will love this study – let’s take one day at a time and see how God leads us to change and be brave.

  15. Howdy! My name is Jesy. I am from a small town in Michigan. I am mother of 2. I have been a stay at home, homeschool mother for the last 3.5 years. I joined this group to get a goos buble study with woman. I am excited to see where this goes!

    1. Hey Jesy! You inspire me so much – I am afraid to be a homeschool mom but at times, I def think that would benefit my kiddos because not everyone fits in the box at a reg school. Have you always wanted to homeschool? I am so glad you are here!

  16. Hi! I am Stephanie. I love in Alabama on the border with Georgia. I have 3 grown children and one a senior in high school. My world also contains 2 grandchildren. My daytime life is that of a teacher. I love my career! I joined this study because I need to get back to putting God first in my life.

  17. Hello! My name is Sally, I am from Northern California and I am a newlywed of four months. Between the two of us we have five children. Two are adults (21 years old a boy and a girl) and then three boys 14, and two are 12. I have been working in a Pregnancy Medical Clinic as a patient resource manager, but will be starting college full time working toward my bachelor’s in nursing. This year by far has been a year of change in our family. The change I am in the most fear of at this time is my 12 year old is going to live with his dad for the school year. It is difficult to think I will not be an every day part of my son’s life…hoping this 100 days of bible study devotion will draw me closer to the Lord as I trust Him in his plan. I am already on board with BOD and started the MM 100 today!

    Thank you Laura for your ministry!!

    1. Hey Sally! Congrats on getting married!! A you def have a fun full family <3 That is so awesome about starting college soon, we need amazing nurses like you. Rooting for you! And I can’t imagine how challenging it is to have your son away, but if it’s the Lord’s plan, you can’t fight it and it’s a chance for EVERYONE involved to grow. Praying for you today!

  18. Hey! My name is Heather, and I live in South Carolina. I am married to my sweet husband for almost 7 years and am a stay at home mom to my 4 and 2 year old so my life is always busy. I joined this bible study because I can feel the Lord tugging on my heart to get out there and stop being held back by fear. Time to let go and see where God takes me through this study.

  19. Hey y’all,
    My name is Tammy, I’m a born and raised Georgia girl. We have a small farm where I spend most of our time. I don’t get out much except the feed store and church on Sundays. Its quiet and the animals cant argue. I’m terrified of people! I dont trust them. Grew up in a less than ideal home with not so great parents. I love them, I’m thankful for them.. I understand I could have been in much worse places. I have trusted in God since I was very young and He got me through.
    With this bible study, I really want to be a better person and be able to open up more and let others in. I’m Terrified! I want to fully trust in HIM!

  20. Hello, I’m a couple of days behind on joining in.
    My name is Brittany, I’m a born Texan living in Arkansas. I am a daughter of Christ, a wife to an amazing man, and a momma to four. We are a blended family, but it feels like we have all been together forever. I currently have a wonderful job in investments with a flexible schedule, which allows me to be a "mom taxi" hehe. I am joining this study because I am still searching for more. I have a great family, a great job, a great life, but still longing for more connections and life changes with an accountability group. I look forward to this journey and visiting with everyone.

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