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Laura’s Favorite Books By Topic

Let us take the stress out of searching for your next great read. Laura loves reading non-fiction books and has compiled her favorite books by topic that she highly recommends.

Laura's favorite books by topic

Laura’s Top 20 Book List

Would you like to know the top 20 most influential books Laura has ever read? You are in luck. She is a proud bookworm and enthusiastically want you to read her top 20 books!

Nick’s Top 20 Book List

Need a guy’s perspective? Nick has worked in ministry vocationally for almost two decades and has a unique perspective on discipleship and church growth. Want to know what books have make the biggest difference in his life?

Gift Ideas for Sensory Seeker Kids

We are proud to be a neurodiverse family. It comes with many learning curves but one thing we know firsthand is that sensory kids need sensory safe experiences. Here are our favorite sensory toys and activities that have made the biggest difference in our home.

Homeschool Must-Haves

We’ve tried every which-a-way to homeschool: Created a classroom at home, took school outside/on the road, and let kids choose where/how/when…. all in all, we’ve learned to scale down and what materials are MOST important when homeschooling.

Best RV/Camping Accessories

We live full-time in an RV and have been traveling the country. It’s pretty awesome. As a minimalist, Laura only wanted to shop for what was the upmost important items to tag along in our RV. They are must-haves if you are going camping!